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NEJM Knowledge+ Awarded Grant and Launches Pain Management and Opioids Education CME Module

NEJM Knowledge+ was recently awarded an educational grant from the Opioid Analgesic Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) Program Companies to extend the delivery of high-quality continuing medical education to health care providers. This program, provided free of charge, aims to help health care providers implement safer strategies for pain management.

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Packed with clinically relevant, rigorously edited, gold-standard content, NEJM Knowledge+ is the most efficient, engaging, and effective way to enhance your patient care, prepare for your board exam, and earn your required CME credits and MOC points.

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Many learning programs promise results, but how do you know if they deliver? How do you know if residents are using those programs? Can you tell if they're learning what they need to know? NEJM Knowledge+ offers robust reporting, allowing program directors to review data and gain insight into individual and group progress, performance, proficiency, and metacognition. Educators will gain useful data to identify at-risk performers, highlight areas for remediation, and measure overall program performance and confidence.

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Learning+ Blog

    • What It Means To Be State-of-the-Art in Adaptive Learning Software
      Our algorithms measure where you are at any given time and adapt in the moment — but not all adaptive learning products are engineered to work this way. If you believe, as we do, that people are infinitely different in terms of how they learn then the better you are at being adaptive, the stronger the learning proposition.
    • Physicians Forget: How Adaptive Learning Aids Physicians’ Long-Term Memory
      It is impossible to predict or know when a person will forget something completely. It is possible, however, for our adaptive learning algorithms to sense, based on various indicators, when a physician might be starting to forget particular things and prompt them to refresh.
    • Keep Learning Even When You’re Not Studying for the Boards
      Back when I was in medical school, studying for a big exam meant holing myself up in my room for 48 hours straight with no contact with the outside world, eating pizza for breakfast and frozen waffles for dinner, drinking massive quantities of caffeine, taking intermittent breaks to watch TV or surf the internet, and only seeing the light of day through my window.
    • How We Create Content
      Our products feature accessible, accurate content that reflects the real-world situations you encounter every day and are developed with complete editorial independence. So, how did we create our questions? Through multiple layers of review. Hundreds of authors and editors, all of whom are practicing physicians, take part in our meticulous editorial process.