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Craving Answers

List of authors.
  • Daniel O’Meara, M.D.,
  • Lea Sheward, M.D.,
  • Sydney Hartman-Munick, M.D.,
  • Jessica Addison, M.D.,
  • and Aya Abu-El-Haija, M.D.

A 17-year-old girl with a history of anxiety and anorexia nervosa presented with anxiety, malaise, lightheadedness, and palpitations. Two weeks earlier, she had entered an intensive outpatient nutritional rehabilitation program. She was found to have hypokalemia, hypophosphatemia, and hypomagnesemia.

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Funding and Disclosures

Disclosure forms provided by the authors are available with the full text of this article at

Drs. Addison and Abu-El-Haija contributed equally to this article.

This article was updated on June 8, 2022, at

We thank Dr. Nancy Rodig for providing expertise regarding nephrology and Dr. Robert Thompson for creating the pedigree included in the Supplementary Appendix.

Author Affiliations

From the Departments of Pediatrics (D.O.), Nephrology (L.S.), Adolescent Medicine (S.H.-M., J.A.), and Genetics (A.A.-E.-H.), Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston.

Dr. O’Meara can be contacted at or at the Department of Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital, 300 Longwood Ave., Boston, MA 02115.

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