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New Decongestion Strategies in an Evolving Heart Failure Landscape

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  • G. Michael Felker, M.D.

Hospitalization for heart failure, usually due to volume overload, is among the most common reasons for hospitalization worldwide, and decongestion with loop diuretics is the primary focus of treatment in most patients.1 Despite the ubiquity of this clinical scenario in daily practice, high-quality data from randomized trials evaluating effective treatment approaches are sparse.2 The Diuretic Optimization Strategies Evaluation (DOSE) trial, published more than 11 years ago, compared strategies regarding dose level (high- vs. low-intensity loop diuretics) and means of administration (bolus vs. continuous infusion) in patients hospitalized with heart failure and congestion.3 Despite its modest size, that trial represented an . . .

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From the Duke University School of Medicine and Duke Clinical Research Institute, Durham, NC.