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Diagnosis and Treatment of Frostbite

List of authors.
  • Robert L. Sheridan, M.D.,
  • Jeremy M. Goverman, M.D.,
  • and T. Gregory Walker, M.D.

Cold injury is a combination of direct cellular damage from freezing and cellular ischemia from vasospasm and small-vessel thrombosis. The severity is related to the degree to which frozen tissues are reperfused on thawing.

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Author Affiliations

From the Departments of Surgery (R.L.S., J.M.G.) and Radiology (T.G.W.), Massachusetts General Hospital, and Boston Shriners Hospital for Children (R.L.S., J.M.G.) — both in Boston.

Dr. Sheridan can be contacted at or at Shriners Hospital for Children, 51 Blossom St., Boston, MA 02114.

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