Reprints from independent, peer-reviewed publications such as the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) are an effective way of communicating significant breakthroughs in medicine.

Reprints educate and demonstrate your commitment

Reprints are invaluable for educating physicians, residents, and other healthcare professionals, and they show your commitment to providing physicians with authoritative, unbiased information.

NEJM reprints are both timely and flexible

Available in both paper and digital formats, NEJM reprints can be ready to distribute within two weeks of article publication, and — in some cases — on the day an article is first published (in print or on NEJM reprints can also be translated reliably into any language.

With flexible Digital Rights Management (DRM) and optional Sunshine Act reporting features, you can leverage the convenience of e-distribution. Contact your reprints representative to learn more about electronic options such as:

  • Email distribution
  • E-details (via iPads, etc.)
  • Article access from your website

Paper Reprints

Paper reprints are high-quality reproductions of NEJM articles — available in quantities ranging from as few as 100 to 500,000 or more — that can be distributed anywhere in the world. Order options include:

  • Day-of-publication delivery. Preorder reprints for articles not yet published. Note: NEJM cannot confirm specific delivery dates, but will guarantee delivery on article publication dates within the U.S. Reprints shipping outside of the U.S. will be sent via expedited service.
  • Early-release. Order reprints of early-release articles as soon as they appear on
  • Rush service. With standard delivery, paper reprints ship within 3–4 weeks; expedite for an additional charge, and your order will ship within 7–10 days.
  • Quality translation. For quantities of 500 or more, NEJM will translate reprints into any language to faithfully match original English versions.
  • Color. For an additional fee, choose color reprints for NEJM articles with color graphics (500 minimum order quantity).
  • Proprietary inventory codes. Add your own inventory codes to reprints.
  • Disclaimers. NEJM will print disclaimers in accordance with FDA guidelines and regulatory recommendations. Ask your NEJM reprints representative for more information.
  • Prescribing information. Add prescribing information (to be saddle-stitched at the end of reprint).
  • Reprint proofs. Order locked PDF proofs to verify layout and special codes prior to printing.
  • Add shrink wrap. Shrink wrap may be added to your reprint order in quantities you require for easier distribution.
  • Your own separate inserts. Add special distribution instructions to be shrink-wrapped with your reprints.

To receive pricing and order details, please contact Reprints at [email protected]. The reprints team will work closely with you to determine your needs and the best solutions available.

Digital Reprints

With flexible Digital Rights Management (DRM), you can determine if you would like NEJM reprint content to be read-only. NEJM uses Sheridan Press as its DRM vendor. Ask your Reprints representative about ePrints for:

  • Web posting (time-based encryption)
  • Email distribution, downloads to jump drives, etc.
  • iPad or eDetail aids


Translated reprints offer a convenient way to educate targeted audiences in local languages. NEJM offers translated reprints in any language, matching the reliability of original English-language article versions.

Customers ordering translated reprints will have two opportunities to review translations with a first draft (unformatted) typically available within 5–7 business days of reprint order. Upon final approval of the translation, reprints will be printed and ready for shipment in approximately 10 business days.

For more information on reprint translation, contact Tucker Passus at +1-781-434-7379 or [email protected].

Publishing Partners

NEJM Publishing Partners are contracted, authorized, full-service providers of NEJM Reprints in their respective countries. Contact Tucker Passus at +1-781-434-7379 or [email protected] for more information.

Guidelines for Use

The information below is intended only as general guidelines.

  • English-language and translated reproductions of NEJM articles in bulk quantities may be supplied only by the Publishing Division of the Massachusetts Medical Society (NEJM Group) or one of its Publishing Partners. Reprints may not be further reproduced in any manner without the express permission of NEJM.
  • Reprints are available in both paper and electronic formats upon publication. Reprints of articles from NEJM are for use only as standalone educational materials. NEJM does not permit reproduction of its name, logo, or text on promotional literature.
  • Reprints of articles from NEJM may not be altered in any way. No additional printing may be set onto a reprint other than what has been printed by NEJM. This includes, but is not limited to, the placement of sponsorship identifiers, trademarks, logos, rubber stamping, or self-adhesive stickers onto the reprints.
  • Reprints must be a freestanding part of any information package (such as a media kit) into which they are inserted. They may not be physically attached to anything, such as advertising inserts, or have anything attached to them, such as product samples. Article reprints must be easily removed from any kits or informational packages in which they are used.

For further information, please contact the NEJM Reprints Department.

Reprints Contact/Order Information

To receive pricing and order details, please contact Reprints at [email protected]. The reprints team will work closely with you to determine your needs and the best solutions available.

NEJM Reprints Department
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Tucker Passus, Senior International and Translated Reprints Representative
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Patrice Skelley, Sales Director, NEJM Reprints
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